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Attenziun da nu’s ferir! Scu act da prevenziun fo attent il militer, cha l'entreda in sia tenda da sanited sü Salastrains pudess esser prievlusa. Fotografia: Jon Duschletta


Romansh and romantic is not quite the same, but being able to speak a few words in Romansh might turn your next date with a local voluntari into a romantic affair you won’t forget. Check out the dictionaries on the official championship app or attend the crash course next Wednesday. Romansh makes you different!

Inscunters chi uneschan

A pera cha‘l mardi saja sto il di dals inscunters: quels traunter da Voluntaris… Fotografia: Jon Duschletta

An atmosphere of fair play and togetherness pervades the village of St. Moritz after the first day of sportive action. Regardless of results and rankings, every athlete is getting her due share of appreciation in an event that unites stars and also-rans, young and old, locals and visitors.

Partenza gniervusa

Edy, il superstar dals champiunedis mundiels da skis a San Murezzan ho demusso grandezza e coolness e nu s'ho schmuanto düraunt la festa d'avertüra niaunch'ün mielin. Fotografia: Jon Duschletta

Edy the giant elegantly stood his ground while watching over a crowd of 5000 people attending the opening ceremony. In case you didn’t know who performed the national anthem: you will find out if you read the blog.

L'illustratura ed il brastulin

Ils sachins da zücher da Daniel Badilatti cul skiunz disegno da Pia Valär. Fotografia: Jon Duschletta

Championship-themed postcards designed by Zuoz-born artist Pia Valär and high quality coffee by Zuoz-born roaster Daniel Badilatti: Engadine art and blends make for a great combination. Take your time for both and enjoy the opening ceremony tonight.

Bella quista!

Intaunt cha tschertüns cuorran darcho zieva la culla da chüram, vaun oters culs skis a chatscha da medaglias e d'onur. Fotografia: Jon Duschletta

No football now please! What we really need: good weather and exciting races. Hopefully the Swiss will carry off a lot of medals and you, dear reader, will pick up some Romansh.

People of Engadine: der Voluntari

Bild: Dominik Brülisauer

Die Geografie formt den Menschen. Und weil das Engadin eine spektakuläre Landschaft ist, ist es nur logisch, dass auch seine Bewohner alles andere als Langweiler sind. Die wichtigsten Typen möchte ich in meinem Blog vorstellen. Nach den Skilehrern, den Fischern, den Wanderern, den Jägern, den Bikern und den Eisläufern würdige ich mit der heutigen Laudatio einen weiteren wahren Helden des Tales – den Voluntari.