1974 - "D'Lisemarie und i"

Lise-Marie Morerod ho guadagno dal 1974 bruonz i'l slalom als champiunedis mundiels a San Murezzan, 1975 a Garmisch-Partenkirchen sia prüma cuorsa illa coppa mundiela ed es gnida quarta 1976 i'l slalom gigantesc dals gös olimpics a Puntina. Cò düraunt üna visita a San Murezzan. Data incuntschainta. Fotografia: Jon Duschletta

Lise-Marie Morerod? You may be too young to remember her. She won the only medal for the Swiss team at the first ever world ski championships held in St. Moritz in 1974, but more importantly, she had a lasting influence on many a teenager at that time, not least on the writer of this blog who takes us back to the days when hills were covered with real snow.

Immez la fuolla

Ils schurnalists da sport sun üna spezcha da glieud per se e peran – a l'incuntrari da l'autur dal blog – da lavurer bain e gugent illa fuolla. Fotografia: Jon Duschletta

Media coverage of the world ski championships is extensive. The centerpiece is the Main Media Center in downtown St. Moritz which provides facilities for 470 journalists and their teams. The infrastructure to write, talk, chat and tweet about the latest Swiss medals and a broken knee is as perfect as it gets.

Chauns chods, tschiervs e licör dal docter

Eir scha bgeras mangiativas tunan extremamaing internaziunelas, la basa da quellas es pelpü e, per furtüna, locala. Fotografia: Jon Duschletta

A day at the races sooner or later makes you hungry and thirsty. Don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunities to treat your taste buds and calm your stomach. What about a local-style hot dog or a pulled venison burger? And a smooth liqueur to top it all off? Just what the doctor ordered! Of course everything mainly locally sourced and reasonably priced. Bun appetit!

Welcome to rumauntsch

Attenziun da nu’s ferir! Scu act da prevenziun fo attent il militer, cha l'entreda in sia tenda da sanited sü Salastrains pudess esser prievlusa. Fotografia: Jon Duschletta


Romansh and romantic is not quite the same, but being able to speak a few words in Romansh might turn your next date with a local voluntari into a romantic affair you won’t forget. Check out the dictionaries on the official championship app or attend the crash course next Wednesday. Romansh makes you different!

Inscunters chi uneschan

A pera cha‘l mardi saja sto il di dals inscunters: quels traunter da Voluntaris… Fotografia: Jon Duschletta

An atmosphere of fair play and togetherness pervades the village of St. Moritz after the first day of sportive action. Regardless of results and rankings, every athlete is getting her due share of appreciation in an event that unites stars and also-rans, young and old, locals and visitors.

Partenza gniervusa

Edy, il superstar dals champiunedis mundiels da skis a San Murezzan ho demusso grandezza e coolness e nu s'ho schmuanto düraunt la festa d'avertüra niaunch'ün mielin. Fotografia: Jon Duschletta

Edy the giant elegantly stood his ground while watching over a crowd of 5000 people attending the opening ceremony. In case you didn’t know who performed the national anthem: you will find out if you read the blog.

L'illustratura ed il brastulin

Ils sachins da zücher da Daniel Badilatti cul skiunz disegno da Pia Valär. Fotografia: Jon Duschletta

Championship-themed postcards designed by Zuoz-born artist Pia Valär and high quality coffee by Zuoz-born roaster Daniel Badilatti: Engadine art and blends make for a great combination. Take your time for both and enjoy the opening ceremony tonight.